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Jolly Snowman Touchable Bubbles (Pack of 8)

There’s a blast of icy magic a foot – swirl these wands and just take a look! It looks like our jolly snowmen have their own enchanting spells, as this is no ordinary set of bubble-making wands. The pretty collection comes in a selection of different wintery shades, with a snazzy snowman face that’s sure to make your day! His cheery chuckles guard a secret inside – so pop out the wand and blow or swirl through the air and let’s see what you might find. The bubbles, instead of drifting off and bursting, can be captured in your hands! Brimming with snowy magic, you’ll see they stay wherever they land. Soon you’ll have a blizzard of magical spheres that will really wow – children will be thrilled and love chasing them about! Swirl, blow, touch and amaze!